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Belonging and Identity

There are some important questions that many people ask themselves throughout their lives. Who are we? What is our identity? Where do we belong? What belongs to us? Do we belong to someone? Do we belong to something? These stories raise many of these questions.

Expressing yourself

Humans have been expressing themselves creatively for millenia. Early rock art and sculpture, jewellery and adornments allude to the preoccupations of humans who existed hundreds of generations ago. Self-expression comes in many forms.

Place and identity

Associations with place are very important to our sense of identity. We create memories in places. Assumptions about place can contribute to how we are treated and how we define ourselves.

Friends and identity

What are the qualities of a good friend?

Family in focus

In what ways are a family and the whole of humankind similar? What do we share? How has your family influenced your sense of identity?

Belonging in focus

‘Belonging’ is a difficult term to define, but it is something that people can readily feel emotionally. People have a strong urge to belong, but what happens when we are not allowed to belong? We have all experienced exclusion at some time in our lives.

Indigenous cultural identity

Whoever holds the camera controls the representation of the subject. Similarly, whoever writes the history books determines the perspectives of written history, and whoever controls the education of the young determines past interpretations and influences future beliefs.

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