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Friendship in a Biscuit Tin

By Vivianne Everett, 2007 2:52 minutes

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This is a simple and endearing story about the shared interests and experiences of friends throughout life.

Collection Stories from Gippsland

How do friends help us create our identity?

Vivianne tells the audience that she and her friend Vikki are close in age and share the same outlook on life.

  • How does closeness in age help a friendship?
  • How does a similar outlook on life help a friendship?
  • What caused Vivianne and Vikki to grow apart for a while?
  • What experiences have Vivianne and Vikki shared over their lives?

Vivianne says: “I learnt a lot of things but mostly about awareness and acceptance.”

  • What does she mean by this statement?
  • What is spina bifida?
  • How can it affect an individual?

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. John Leonard. Vivianne asks: “Have you ever wondered how friendships stand the test of time?”

  •  When did Vivianne and Vikki meet?
  • How do friendships stand the test of time?
  • Why is time such a factor in friendships? How does time test friendships? How does time reinforce friendships? Give examples.
  • When did Vivianne and Vikki meet?
  • How do you imagine that the friendship between Vivianne and Vikki has helped them through their lives?