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Life and Learning

By Tim Kanoa, 2006 2:46 minutes

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Tim describes his philosophy in life. He talks about losing his way in the early years of secondary school. After failing year 11 he turned his life around.

Collection Indigenous Youth Leadership Programme Scholars

How do we change our identity?

  • How did Tim behave in the early years of secondary school?
  • How would you describe his identity at this stage? Describe the stereotypical behaviour of someone who does not want to learn.
  • What happened when Tim was 16?
  • Describe Tim’s relationship with his immediate and extended family.
  • Families often provide stability for teenagers. How does your family support you in your endeavours?
  • How does Tim turn his life around?
  • List five character traits that enabled Tim to change. Compare them with ideas from the rest of the class.
  • Why do you think Tim feels great pride when he dances?
  • Why is pride an important aspect of our identity?

Often we cannot see our own strengths. Instead, think about the attributes of your friends. 

  • Create a list of their talents, traits and abilities. Share your list with your friends.
  • Are you surprised by what your friends see in you?
  • What aspects of yourself are you proud of?