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Expressing yourself

Humans have been expressing themselves creatively for millenia. Early rock art and sculpture, jewellery and adornments allude to the preoccupations of humans who existed hundreds of generations ago. Self-expression comes in many forms.

How can our self-expression inform others?

Quilts of Understanding

Jenene Egan

Jenene participated in a program to create links between individuals and convey a message of inclusion. This story provides an insight into the effectiveness of such programs.

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Can others identify with our self-expression?

Ticket to Hell

Tim Nelson

Tim's story tells of finding a direction in life through creativity. He describes his poor academic performance throughout his school life.

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Can self-expression be a form of healing?


Noel Atkinson

Noel's father taught him how to shear. When he became a shearer, he found the travelling placed pressure on his relationships with his partner and children.

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What fulfilment do we experience when we express ourselves?

It's Never Too Late

Maria Matalone

When Maria was three her father left for Australia. She did not see him again until she was 11 years old. With her father's injuries and a growing family, Maria left school early to contribute to the household income.

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How can our self-expression be misconstrued?

The Art of Rhyme

Mykel Mifsud

Mykel explains the process of creating and the value of hip hop music.

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How do we express ourselves?

Warriors and Dancers

Narjiic Day-Burns

Narjiic's story highlights the importance of self-expression for confidence, for a strong sense of identity and as a means of conveying a message.

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