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Family in focus

In what ways are a family and the whole of humankind similar? What do we share? How has your family influenced your sense of identity?

How do cultural heritage and family shape our identity?

Ngi Bali, Hello Welcome

Jade Colgan

Jade draws much of her identity from her extended family and her homeland. She introduces the audience to her experience of annual camping trips with her mob in their homeland.

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What beliefs do we pass on through the generations?

The Goodfather

Joe Valenti

Joe describes his father's life and achievements. His father was the youngest of ten. His family migrated from Sicily to Australia in 1964.

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What do our parents mean to us?

I'm Home

Ron Briggs

Ronald talks about his family and his removal from his parents in early childhood. He describes his emotions growing up separated from his family and his need to reconnect with his family and culture.

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Where and to whom do we go to change our identity?

My Beach

Richard Sagigi

Richard felt that his identity and behaviour were heading in the wrong direction. Seeking advice, talking to mentors and going back to the things that he values has given Richard purpose in life.

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How do we change our identity?

Life and Learning

Tim Kanoa

Tim describes his philosophy in life. He talks about losing his way in the early years of secondary school. After failing year 11 he turned his life around.

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