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Place and identity

Associations with place are very important to our sense of identity. We create memories in places. Assumptions about place can contribute to how we are treated and how we define ourselves.

What does 'home' mean for us?

Cardin Street

John Eastlick

This is a powerful story about place, belonging and memories. John describes the house he used to live in before it was demolished.

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What does 'school' mean to us?

Remembering Culgoa Primary School


After over a century of service, Culgoa Primary School was closed. In this mini-documentary members of the school community reminisce as they come together to celebrate their community and history.

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How do places affect our souls?

Who 'belongs' to a place?


Rowena Ashley

Rowena tells the story of her Eurasian son's experience of growing up in Australia and the racism he has encountered.

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Regardless of our birthplace, who tells us we belong?

Between Generations

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips talks about her Macedonian and Aboriginal heritage. She compares the immigrant and Indigenous experiences of becoming a citizen of Australia.

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How does an association with place influence identity?

From Melville to Melbourne

Tristan Mungatopi

This story illustrates how place and family reinforce identity and provide purpose in life. Tristan was removed from his homeland when he was very young, but he has maintained strong connections with it.

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How do nomadic people relate to place?

my car: my place

Bridget Nicholson

Bridget explains her relationship with her car and place. Bridget's story raises questions about attachment to place, people and objects, such as her car, and what they mean to the individual.

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