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Change and Resilience

Personal challenges can be very difficult for some people to discuss. These stories sensitively explore how individuals cope with change in their lives.

Stories of natural disasters

A natural disaster can be a powerful agent for change. How do we survive the unprecendented environmental challenges Australian communities are facing now and in the future?

Getting through the tough times

Family life can at times be challenging. The individuals in these stories deal with challenge in an inspiring way. They display qualities such as compassion, courage, generosity and honesty.

Change brought about by war

At any time in the world there is a war or a skirmish occurring somewhere. In the process of conflict, many individuals and communities are uprooted and displaced, and their lives are changed forever.

Living on the other side of the world

Immigration often involves losses and gains, and it can highlight the distinction between needs and wants in life. These stories point to the things that are most important in people's lives.

Growing up fast

Sometimes a crisis or change happens in our lives when we are still young. These new circumstances place pressure on us to adjust quickly. 

Creating Change

Sometimes our lives need to change for the better, and we are the only ones who can bring about that change. It may be change to benefit our own lives, or it may be change to benefit the lives of others. 


Feelings of sadness, fear, loss, grief and bewilderment related to changes in living arrangements, health or family circumstances or in response to a loved one’s death can be overwhelming.

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