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Creating Change

Sometimes our lives need to change for the better, and we are the only ones who can bring about that change. It may be change to benefit our own lives, or it may be change to benefit the lives of others. 

How do we recognise destructive patterns?


Angela Gotzamanis

Angela describes her childhood growing up in a broken home, what she has learnt and how she has moved on.

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What does it take to realise your dreams?

It's Never Too Late

Maria Matalone

When Maria was three her father left for Australia. She did not see him again until she was 11 years old. With her father's injuries and a growing family, Maria left school early to contribute to the household income.

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What sacrifices do people make to live their dreams?

Life is Beautiful

Nga Diep

Nga talks about the impact of war in Vietnam. In 1980 Nga escaped from Vietnam with her baby daughter.

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What choices do teenagers make?


Tori Towney

This story shows how you can consciously choose which community to belong to. Tori chooses to leave one type of community/peer group and join another.

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How do we break free from destructive patterns?

Strong Woman

Meg Aumann

Meg's story is one of losing herself and then remembering her past self through her friendships. In Strong Woman, Meg tells of her journey into darkness and her return.

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