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Getting through the tough times

Family life can at times be challenging. The individuals in these stories deal with challenge in an inspiring way. They display qualities such as compassion, courage, generosity and honesty.

What kinds of tough times can families face?

Days of Echuca

Barbara Day

Barbara's story is one of incredible endurance, dedication, faith and loss. Barbara provides examples of her resilience both in her working career and as a mother and wife.

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What sacrifices might a family member make for others?

Yehinat Fekir: A Mother's Love

Tigist Kebede

Tigist talks about her mother's journey from Ethiopia to Sudan, Adelaide and finally Melbourne with a small child.

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How can family relationships make life difficult?


Angela Gotzamanis

Angela describes her childhood growing up in a broken home, what she has learnt and how she has moved on.

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How does a family support its members through tough times?

Me Do

Gabrielle Garrigan

Gabrielle tells her story of growing up and her involvement in community life. With her mother's help and her own skills, interests and tenacious, upbeat personality, she has overcome many barriers.

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