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Mary's Story

By Mary Herbert, 2005 0:00 minutes

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This is a story about the ongoing struggles of life. Mary was born with cerebral palsy, but the determination of her mother and father to support their daughter has ensured that she leads a fulfilling life. She began walking at twelve after intensive therapy. Later in life she encountered more obstacles ' the greatest of which was fear. She shares stories about her life and talks about overcoming fear.

Collection Sharing Stories

How do we deal with fear?

  • What chance encounter changed Mary’s life when she was four years old?
  • What chance encounters have had a major impact on your life?
  • How have Mary’s mother and father supported her? How important has this support been to her quality of life?
  • Who are your main supporters?
  • Mary saw herself as no different to anyone else at school. Why? What is the importance of identifying with others in social groups?

Later in life Mary faced a greater obstacle than cerebral palsy.

  • What was that obstacle?
  • What was Mary frightened of?
  • What advice does Mary offer to people who are ‘prisoners of fear’?

We all respond differently to fear.

  • Form small groups and list some fearful situations that people face and the different ways in which they respond to fear.
  • How do you respond in fearful situations?

Research- cerebral palsy

  • What is cerebral palsy?
  • How can it affect individuals?
  • What services are available to support people with cerebral palsy and their carers?