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Feelings of sadness, fear, loss, grief and bewilderment related to changes in living arrangements, health or family circumstances or in response to a loved one’s death can be overwhelming. Often the cause of the sadness or grief cannot be changed, but ways can be found to help cope with such feelings.

Where do we turn when we need strength to endure change?

Gunggarri Woman

Linda Wordie

Although Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, she resolved to get her university degree. Linda looked to the past and found strength in her connection with her mentor, her deceased grandmother.

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How do we prepare for changing circumstances?


Noel Atkinson

Noel's father taught him how to shear. When he became a shearer, he found the travelling placed pressure on his relationships with his partner and children.

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How do we deal with fear?

Mary's Story

Mary Herbert

This is a story about the ongoing struggles of life. Mary was born with cerebral palsy, but the determination of her mother and father to support their daughter has ensured that she leads a fulfilling life.

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How do we deal with change in life?

The Next Chapter

Craig Dawson

Craig led a healthy, physically fit lifestyle until he developed multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 23.

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