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Living on the other side of the world

Immigration often involves losses and gains, and it can highlight the distinction between needs and wants in life. These stories point to the things that are most important in people's lives.

What sacrifices might a family member make for others?

Yehinat Fekir: A Mother's Love

Tigist Kebede

Tigist talks about her mother's journey from Ethiopia to Sudan, Adelaide and finally Melbourne with a small child.

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What sudden changes can young people face?

The Provincial Connection

Giancarlo Faustini

Giancarlo left Italy in 1964 when he was 15 years old. He thought he may never see his home again.

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What risks do some people take to migrate?

Life is Beautiful

Nga Diep

Nga talks about the impact of war in Vietnam. In 1980 Nga escaped from Vietnam with her baby daughter.

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