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Communities under threat

What threats do communities face, and how do individuals and the community as a whole react to those threats? Many powerful stories are told about communities under the threat of war and the threat of natural disaster.

When disaster strikes, how does a community show its resilience?

Into the Flames

Simon Roylance

Simon Roylance knew in advance that Saturday 7th of February, 2009 - a day that came to be known as Black Saturday - was going to be a particularly dangerous day.

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How do individuals within communities deal with threats?

Fire Threat

Sarah Davy

In this powerful story, Sarah describes her experience of Black Saturday and its aftermath. She asks, "What do you do when your life finally begins to be bearable again and then you get that dreaded phone call no one wants to hear?"

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How do communities deal with loss after a natural disaster?

The Road Home

Philip Mitchell

Philip tells the dramatic story of Black Saturday. He describes his family's harrowing experience of separation and survival. Philip says his family went "to hell and back".

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How can emotions effect behaviour when a community is under threat?

In a Knot

Eliza Kimlin

On Black Saturday, Eliza and her family were at the river near Warburton. In this story, she describes her emotions and how her body felt during the bushfire

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In what ways do we seek to rely on others in times of stress?

Black Ash

Bonnie Lumsden-Keys

In this powerful story about Black Saturday, Bonnie gives an account of the emotional reactions of her family and community.

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How do communities respond to war?

An Interview with Warwick Johanson

Warwick Johanson

Warwick Johanson paints the picture of Australia under siege, the mobilisation of resources and the community during World War II.

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How does disruption caused by war affect civilians?

The River That Never Goes Back

Amira Sabonovic

After a loss of faith and trust during war, Amira regains trust and happiness once more. This story illustrates the importance of community and friendship groups in the healing process after trauma.

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