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Inclusion and exclusion in a community

Australia has one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in the world. What does it mean to be included and excluded from a community?

On a personal level, how do we bridge the gap?

The Little Frenchman

David Tytherleigh

David talks about his relationship with his neighbour Roger. It is a story of how society often neglects older, lone people.

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How do we overcome exclusion?

Me Do

Gabrielle Garrigan

Gabrielle tells her story of growing up and her involvement in community life. With her mother's help and her own skills, interests and tenacious, upbeat personality, she has overcome many barriers.

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What does it mean to be included?

Quilts of Understanding

Jenene Egan

Jenene participated in a program to create links between individuals and convey a message of inclusion. This story provides an insight into the effectiveness of such programs.

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On a collective level, how do we bridge the gap?

A Christmas Story

Djuma Dawes

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