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Leaving one community, entering another

Australians have a history of leaving one community and entering another. The majority of Australians are descendents of people who left their communities to form another as they migrated to Australia. About one quarter of people currently living in Australia have migrated from overseas.

Perhaps you, members of your family or your classmates have migrated to Australia. Australia’s population is made up of many culturally and linguistically diverse people, and each culture has its own folklore and legends. About one quarter of Australia’s population was born overseas, and some of us come from several culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This gives us a very broad cultural heritage.

What are some reasons for leaving a community?


Tori Towney

This story shows how you can consciously choose which community to belong to. Tori chooses to leave one type of community/peer group and join another.

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When we lose our community, how do we create another?

The River That Never Goes Back

Amira Sabonovic

After a loss of faith and trust during war, Amira regains trust and happiness once more. This story illustrates the importance of community and friendship groups in the healing process after trauma.

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What helps us settle into another community?

The Provincial Connection

Giancarlo Faustini

Giancarlo left Italy in 1964 when he was 15 years old. He thought he may never see his home again.

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