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By Tori Towney, 2009 2:46 minutes

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This story shows how you can consciously choose which community to belong to. Tori chooses to leave one type of community/peer group and join another. Tori's story raises the question of opportunity and choice for many in our society. She feels her opportunities come with a responsibility to contribute back to the community.

Collection One Past Eight Futures

What are some reasons for leaving a community?

Sometimes we find that we need to leave our communities. 

  • Whose advice does Tori listen to? 
  • Why does Tori decide to leave her community? 
  • How does she feel when she arrives in the new community? Does she have doubts? 
  • In groups, take turns to suggest adjectives to describe the emotions you would feel leaving one community and going to an entirely new community.
  • In groups, list ten reasons why people leave their communities. Compare your list with others in the class.
  • Not all people have the luxury of being able to choose their community. What circumstances would prevent this choice?

Tori speaks of the importance of her friends, saying that she would not change them in any way.

  • What influence do your friends have on you making your life choices? 
  • How does the behaviour of your friends influence your own behaviour? 
  • After listening to Tori’s story, do you think her decision to move during her teenage years was a success? Why or why not?

Tori wants to make a difference for young people in her local community.

  • What difference can she make? 
  • How has her decision enabled her to become a mentor?