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What is a community?

How do we define a community? What do people from a community share? These stories explore important aspects of community life.

What makes a healthy community?

Remembering Culgoa Primary School


After over a century of service, Culgoa Primary School was closed. In this mini-documentary members of the school community reminisce as they come together to celebrate their community and history.

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What creates the links between individuals?

Colbo Nights


This story takes place in Colbinabbin at football practice on a Thursday night and then at a gathering at the pub shortly thereafter. Bernie and Marion are the publicans, who introduce the local characters by their nicknames.

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What do we give to and receive from a community?

Let's Talk Cricket

Alice Jackson Walsh

Alice has dedicated herself to the Campaspe Cricket Association for many years. Alice explains her dedication to a larger cause: 'They are part of my family. I cook and I patch and I clean uniforms and raise money...'

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