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Indigenous Australian Voices

Each of the storytellers in this section, whether professional or amateur, adopts a unique approach to the art of storytelling and the visual artistry of moving image making. Explore the diverse issues, themes and ideas that are expressed by Indigenous Australian voices.

Reclaiming Indigenous Australian identity: personal perspectives

These stories examine some of the consequences to individuals’ lives of the segregation and disempowerment of Indigenous Australians. The removal of Aboriginal children – an ongoing practice that did not span just one generation but many – had a particularly devastating effect on Indigenous identity and suffering.

Reclaiming Indigenous Australian identity: filmmakers

These interviews celebrate, investigate and explore the moving image, both contemporary and historical, from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective. The primary focus is the extraordinary works produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers. 

Indigenous youth: identity and choices

Identity, direction in life and the choices we make all involve our own self-determination. There are some important questions that many people ask themselves throughout their lives. Who are we? What is our identity? Where do we belong? What belongs to us? Do we belong to someone? Do we belong to something?

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