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Indigenous youth: identity and choices

Identity, direction in life and the choices we make all involve our own self-determination. There are some important questions that many people ask themselves throughout their lives. Who are we? What is our identity? Where do we belong? What belongs to us? Do we belong to someone? Do we belong to something?

How do we take charge of our lives?

Life and Learning

Tim Kanoa

Tim describes his philosophy in life. He talks about losing his way in the early years of secondary school. After failing year 11 he turned his life around.

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How do people embrace multiple cultures?

Both Cultures

Angel Towney

Angel talks about the influences of her family's past, her family life, her Indigenous identity and her interest in karate. Despite their contrasting values, she embraces both Indigenous cultural values and those of karate.

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On a collective level, how do we bridge the gap?

How do we express our pride?

Warriors and Dancers

Narjiic Day-Burns

Narjiic's story highlights the importance of self-expression for confidence, for a strong sense of identity and as a means of conveying a message.

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