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Australia has a culturally diverse population. The majority of Australians are descendents of people who left their communities to form another as they migrated to Australia. About one quarter of people currently living in Australia have migrated from overseas.

Why do people migrate to Australia?

A Family Story

Daphne Woods

When Daphne was young she migrated from war-torn England to Australia. She describes the conditions she was used to in England and the shock of adjusting to conditions in Australia.

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What risks do some people take to migrate?

Life is Beautiful

Nga Diep

Nga talks about the impact of war in Vietnam. In 1980 Nga escaped from Vietnam with her baby daughter.

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What traits does successful migration require?

The Provincial Connection

Giancarlo Faustini

Giancarlo left Italy in 1964 when he was 15 years old. He thought he may never see his home again.

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What immigration laws relate to a person's qualifications?

From Graz to Glenroy

Viv Mehes

Elfrieda and her husband migrated to Australia from Graz, Austria, after World War II. They worked hard to contribute to their new community, but after being of humiliated by not being accepted as a doctor her husband died of a heart attack.

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What was the experience of migrants upon arriving in Australia

A Journey to Freedom

Helen Schloetzer

Helen talks about the difficulties of her early life living in Dresden and the terror of her migration to Australia, separated from her husband and caring for a young child on board the ship.

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How does immigration impact on the next generation?

Next Generation: Mother to Daughter

Nella Siciliano

Nella describes her experiences as a second-generation Australian from a non-English-speaking family. She talks about her initial cultural isolation and her responsibilities as the main English speaker in the family.

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What sacrifices might a family member make for others?

Yehinat Fekir: A Mother's Love

Tigist Kebede

Tigist talks about her mother's journey from Ethiopia to Sudan, Adelaide and finally Melbourne with a small child.

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