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It is often said that ‘Australia is the land of the long weekend’. It is also said that ‘Australians don’t live to work but we work to live’. While we might appear to enjoy our leisure time and recreation, statistics indicate that we are getting less of it.

How did people drive before bitumen roads?

Camping Legends

Fiona Currie

Fiona recounts her grandparents' camping adventure of 1936. The story and footage gives an insight into the housing stock and the ingenuity of travellers on rough roads at the time.

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How do carnivals contribute to community life?

Moomba Belonged to My Grandfather

Desmond Wittingslow

Des describes his family's 40-year involvement with Melbourne's Moomba festival. His grandfather Tom founded a travelling carnival company after dreaming of 'the biggest carnival ever' during his war service.

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What different subcultures exist in Australia?

You Really Had to Be There!!

Dean Turner

Dean describes the activities and interests of a punk cohort in 1994. He describes their lifestyle and preoccupations then and now.

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