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The Stolen Generation

The removal of Aboriginal children from their parents was an ongoing practice that did not just span one generation – it spanned many. It was also only one aspect of a much broader undermining of Indigenous culture and disempowerment of Indigenous people in Australia since white settlement.

What was the Stolen Generation?

From the Beginning to the Resistances

Mick Edwards

Mick Edwards talks of his life before he was taken from his family by the authorities in the 1960s. He was separated from his siblings and passed from institution to institution.

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What were the emotional impacts of the removal policies on Indigenous children?

I'm Home

Ron Briggs

Ronald talks about his family and his removal from his parents in early childhood. He describes his emotions growing up separated from his family and his need to reconnect with his family and culture.

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How can identity and culture be stolen?

Early Memories

Grace Sailor

Grace and her sister were babies when they were taken away from their mother to live in an orphanage.

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