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Young Australians

Are there common themes amongst these stories about young people in Australia? This section looks at diversity, how young Australians interact with their families, their experience of childhood and what journeys they take in life.

Young Australians and their families

These stories invite us to reflect on our own families. In observing other families, what do we learn about our own. In what ways are a family and the whole of humankind similar?

Young Australians and their friends

Friends are important people in our lives. They share our ups and downs, witness major events in our lives and help remind us who we are. How do we acknowledge our friendships? How do friends reinforce our identity?

Youth getting into trouble

People often make judgements and assumptions about other people. For many, the media is their primary source of information about young people. The media’s stereotypes are powerful creators and purveyors of public opinion.

Life's journeys

These stories explore what we imagine our life's journey to be and what we learn on our real life's journey.

The diversity of young Australians

Australia has a very diverse population. Our diversity influences how we see our community and how our community sees us. There are many characteristics that exhibit difference within an individual.

The magic of childhood

Early childhood can be magic. As we learn about the world, the real can be fantastical and the fantastical can be real. Children universally love stories, dressing up, play acting and magic.

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