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The diversity of young Australians

Australia has a very diverse population. Our diversity influences how we see our community and how our community sees us. There are many characteristics that exhibit difference within an individual. These attributes can be broadly divided into what you can see and what you cannot see, including gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, religion, physical and mental ability, values, and attitudes.

Recognising the complexities of an individual’s diversity is important in gaining a better understanding of their motivations, perspective, behaviour and communication style.

How do we express ourselves?

Warriors and Dancers

Narjiic Day-Burns

Narjiic's story highlights the importance of self-expression for confidence, for a strong sense of identity and as a means of conveying a message.

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How does our location influence our perspectives?

Young Voices of Maffra (Excerpt)


An excerpt from the original Young Voices in Maffra film, made as part of the ACMI in the Regions program in 2009. In the film teenagers from Maffra High School talk about their favourite pastimes, their community and their hopes and dreams.

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How do we grow up with difference?

Me Do

Gabrielle Garrigan

Gabrielle tells her story of growing up and her involvement in community life. With her mother's help and her own skills, interests and tenacious, upbeat personality, she has overcome many barriers.

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How do we grow up looking different?


Rowena Ashley

Rowena tells the story of her Eurasian son's experience of growing up in Australia and the racism he has encountered.

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How do we grow up with sexual difference?

Snow Girl

Nikki Winslow

Recommended for Year 9, 10 and 11. Nikki's story is told from the innocent perspective of a child growing up unaware of the pain that lies before her in her life.

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How do we grow up with loss and separation?

Grandmother's Butterfly

Phuong Dang

Phoung's story is a tribute to her grandma, who remained in Vietnam. It is a story of families separated by space but not by heart.

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