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Young Australians and their families

These stories invite us to reflect on our own families. In observing other families, what do we learn about our own. In what ways are a family and the whole of humankind similar?

What do family and a sense of place provide?

Ngi Bali, Hello Welcome

Jade Colgan

Jade draws much of her identity from her extended family and her homeland. She introduces the audience to her experience of annual camping trips with her mob in their homeland.

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What inspiration can we pass on through the generations?

Yehinat Fekir: A Mother's Love

Tigist Kebede

Tigist talks about her mother's journey from Ethiopia to Sudan, Adelaide and finally Melbourne with a small child.

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What pain can be passed through the generations?

Sins of the Father

Carolyn Scott

Recommended for Year 9, 10, 11. Caro explains the secondary impact of war on the wives and children of returned servicemen.

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How can families be damaging?


Angela Gotzamanis

Angela describes her childhood growing up in a broken home, what she has learnt and how she has moved on.

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