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Ngi Bali, Hello Welcome

By Jade Colgan, 2007 3:01 minutes

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Jade draws much of her identity from her extended family and her homeland. She introduces the audience to her experience of annual camping trips with her mob in their homeland. She describes the activities and fun that bind her family.

Collection Pitcha This: Youth Telling Stories

What do family and a sense of place provide?

Jade introduces and concludes her story with ‘my language’. 

  • How important is language to a culture and identity?

“Not many people pick me for an Aboriginal. I guess I don’t look the way they expect me to.” 

  • What stereotypes of Aboriginal appearance might Jade be referring to?

Jade refers to her ‘homeland’. 

  • Jade is Melbourne ‘born and bred’, but where is her homeland?
  • Why isn’t Melbourne her homeland?
  • How does Jade describe her homeland?

Jade speaks about the time she spends ‘connecting’ and being with family.

  • Why is it so important for her to connect with her family?
  • How does she connect with her family?
  • What activities do the clan do together?
  • Give examples of how you connect with your family.
  • What has Jade learnt in life?

“My Aboriginality is at the core of who I am. It helps guide me through life.”

  • Describe your cultural heritage. In what ways does it help guide you through life?

Jade is thankful for her connection to her family and culture. She says: “I wouldn’t be me otherwise.” 

  • How does a sense of where you come from and who you belong to help form your identity?