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Young Australians and their friends

Friends are important people in our lives. They share our ups and downs, witness major events in our lives and help remind us who we are. How do we acknowledge our friendships? How do friends reinforce our identity?

What do friends share?

Friendship in a Biscuit Tin

Vivianne Everett

This is a simple and endearing story about the shared interests and experiences of friends throughout life.

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What do our friends tell us about ourselves?

Strong Woman

Meg Aumann

Meg's story is one of losing herself and then remembering her past self through her friendships. In Strong Woman, Meg tells of her journey into darkness and her return.

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When do you really need your friends?

An Interview with Brigadier Keith Rossi

Keith Rossi

Keith served in World War II and later in Vietnam. In this story he gives a light-hearted account of how young men often lied about their ages in order to enlist in the army.

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