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Strong Woman

By Meg Aumann, 2006 3:38 minutes

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Meg's story is one of losing herself and then remembering her past self through her friendships. In Strong Woman, Meg tells of her journey into darkness and her return. She embarks on her travels as a happy young woman and finds her way back through resilience and determination.

Collection When Deaf Minds Travel

What do our friends tell us about ourselves?

Strong Woman introduces the idea of conveying a message. It is an example of a compelling, emotional story with a powerful narrative that follows a clearly defined structure. The language and images used are simple and direct, and it features the three classic stages of a story arc: introduction of the protagonist, development of the plot or issue, and resolution.

  • How did you feel watching Meg’s story?
  • What were the events that led to Meg losing sight of her true self?
  • How does Meg depict her boyfriend in photographs? What effect does this have on our understanding of her relationship with him? Why has she not allowed him to be the focus of her story?

Meg says “Happy girl was I” at the beginning of her story and “Happy girl I am” at the end. This is a storyteller’s device: the beginning and end of a story are linked. Meg has used it to reiterate something essential about her personal journey – that is, finding herself again.

  • What other personality traits does this story suggest Meg has?
  • Who are you? What are your five strongest traits?
  • What traits do you most admire in your friends?
  • What would you say to a friend who had changed a lot and seemed unhappy?
  • Meg was a long way from friends and family. Perhaps this is how she lost confidence in herself. What do our friends and family provide that is essential for us to ‘know’ ourselves? How do they do this?
  • When we find ourselves lost we often turn to friends and family for help. Draw an outline of your hand or hands and on each finger and thumb write the name of someone you feel you could turn to for advice, comfort or honest feedback.

Research - depression

Meg experienced depression.

  • What forms of depression exist?
  • What services are available to help support people with depression?