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Youth getting into trouble

People often make judgements and assumptions about other people. For many, the media is their primary source of information about young people. The media’s stereotypes are powerful creators and purveyors of public opinion. Are kids creating and getting into more trouble? Does the media contribute to this perception? Are stereotypes of youth valid?

What are some common traits of 'youth'?

Mishaps and Misadventures

Maureen Robinson

Maureen talks about growing up in Moe Heights in the 1970s.

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How do we change our direction in life?

Life and Learning

Tim Kanoa

Tim describes his philosophy in life. He talks about losing his way in the early years of secondary school. After failing year 11 he turned his life around.

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What aspects of youth culture do you enjoy?

Ticket to Hell

Tim Nelson

Tim's story tells of finding a direction in life through creativity. He describes his poor academic performance throughout his school life.

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How can our self-expression be misconstrued?

The Art of Rhyme

Mykel Mifsud

Mykel explains the process of creating and the value of hip hop music.

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How can we express our youth culture?

You Really Had to Be There!!

Dean Turner

Dean describes the activities and interests of a punk cohort in 1994. He describes their lifestyle and preoccupations then and now.

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