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The Art of Rhyme

By Mykel Mifsud, 2005 3:02 minutes

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Mykel explains the process of creating and the value of hip hop music.

Collection Western Stories: Expressions for the Future

How can our self-expression be misconstrued?

From the time he was young, Mykel has enjoyed language and rhyme.

  • What art forms have you enjoyed since childhood?
  • List several other reasons why hip hop appeals to Mykel.
  • Mykel refers to rap music’s reputation. What do many people think of rap music?
  • What do they associate rap music with?
  • How has this association come about?

Another form of art or self-expression that is controversial is graffiti.

  • What are some of the different opinions that are held about graffiti?
  • Have a class debate about whether or not graffiti should be considered ‘art’.