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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generator?

Generator is a creative studio space, a space where you can explore the moving image, be inspired, create your own moving image works and share your creations with the Generator community. Find out more about what you can do on this site, by visiting About the Project.

Why should I register with Generator?

It is free to register with Generator and only takes a few minutes. By registering, you will be able to download and access thousands of copyright-free images, video footage and audio sfx from the Free Media Library. You will also be able to upload and share your creative work both to the Video Gallery and to the Free Media Library - and contribute and help others by growing this amazing resource. You can save and share your storyboards created with the Storyboard Generator.

Why is my content moderated?

ACMI has a responsibility to create a safe environment for everyone using the Generator site. By moderating content, we make sure that all users can enjoy the site with the understanding that the content that is contributed is safe and does not breach privacy or any other legal concerns. For more information about cybersafety, visit If you have any concerns, please email:

How long does it take for my content to be moderated?

We will do our best to moderate your content as soon as possible. This will normally be within 72 hours. You will receive an email notification when your content has been moderated.

Why has my content been rejected?

There are many reasons why your content might be rejected. Sometimes this can be due to the quality of the file. However, it could be that the content doesn't meet the terms of the site which have been designed to protect users of Generator.  If you have any queries about why your content might have been rejected, please check the Terms of Use of the site. We encourage you to make any changes you need to and resubmit your work.

Are there any guidelines for what I can upload?

The Terms of Use of the site outlines things to consider when you are uploading your creative work to either the Video Gallery or Free Media Library.
It is important to make sure that you do not upload anything that does not belong to you. It is also important with any moving image work, that you have the permission of anyone who is in your film and can be identified. Permission forms can be found at the Copyright Law and Ethics section of this site.

What is a tag?

Tagging is a way of you being able to describe the video, image or audio file in your own way. You can add tags from the existing list or create your own. You will see the existing list when you click the button 'tag this media' or when you are uploading your own work to the Video Gallery or Free Media Library. If you are creating your own tags, our moderators will check over them before going live. Tags can be phrases or single words. If you are using phrases, be sure to put tags in inverted commas like this 'how to tag'.

What does it mean if I post my work to ACMI's YouTube Channel?

When you upload your work to Generator, you can post your work to ACMI's YouTube Channel at the same time. All you need to do is click the checkbox 'Yes, I would like my work posted to ACMI's YouTube Channel'. This means that your work will automatically appear in the ACMI Generator playlist on the ACMI YouTube Channel: Others will then be able to favourite, share and add your work to their playlists on YouTube.

How do I protect my privacy on the Generator site?

When you register with Generator, please make sure that you choose a display name that does not identify who you are. This is an important way you can protect your privacy. We don't publish any real names or email addresses. For more information about how to protect your privacy online, see

How can I keep up-to-date with new content on Generator?

You can subscribe to our updates via email. Simply enter your email on the home page and we will send you updates of new videos and free media for you to download. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed. The feed will update you with new Video Gallery content, or if you would like to subscribe only to the Free Media Library, click the RSS icon on that page. You will need a reader such as Google Reader or you can also bookmark the feeds through your browser.

Is the content suitable for all ages?

The content on Generator is designed primarily for students in Year 7 to 11. Younger students in Years 5 to 6 will also enjoy the content. Occasionally, there will be video content that is best suited to an older audience. If this is the case, a note will appear for teachers and parents in the video synopsis.

Where can I find out more about ACMI's education programs?

You can find out information about ACMI's education programs including how to book at

Where can I find out about ACMI's moving image collection?

You can find out information about ACMI's moving image collection, including the Australian Mediatheque - the new national screen culture resource centre in Melbourne. Drop in to explore a wealth of Australian and international screen culture history, spanning film, television, digital culture, video art and sound materials.See