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Tracey Moffatt on Heaven

By ACMI, 2010 0:00 minutes

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Heaven is a film made up of video footage of male surfers changing out of their wetsuits in car parks. The footage was shot by Moffatt and a number of other women as if they were making a birdwatching documentary. In assembling the footage without dialogue, Moffatt makes a comment on the female gaze that can be read across cultures.

Collection Screen Worlds

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celia 6 years 28 weeks ago

I have used Heaven in my gender class for the last 10 years.. it creates a wonderful sense of awkwardness and gaze aversion from the male members of the class. (yr 11 and 12) We use Laura Mulvey's work and have some very heated discussions over the ethics and ownership of the gaze. Great to see this in your collection.

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VikLee 5 years 10 weeks ago

So, what is your premise? What is it that you hope to achieve? Is this tit-for-tat? I'm not sure I understand what part of embarrassing and shaming (young) men changing in car-parks has to do with 'the female gaze'? Are we privy to the girls' gazes? And for what purpose would that serve?

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VikLee 5 years 10 weeks ago

"The term ‘male gaze’ was coined by film theorist Laura Mulvey to describe the conventions of the classic Hollywood film, but it has become used more widely to refer to the objectification of women – that is, where a woman is denied her individuality by the way she is depicted, treated or viewed."

What is going on here? So on the one hand, you, or we women, are sick and tired of the 'male gaze' and ...the objectification of women; denying individuality, depiction, treated or viewed.
But we can draw power from shaming men via the same fashion? And the point that would serve 1. you? (or women in general if you prefer) and 2. Our young men (who incidentally rate the highest male youth suicides per capita in the WORLD.

Why the fascination with the exterior? Is there no mention to be made of the personal interior? Is this a new sport fuelled by wannabee sociopaths? or just your harmless but nevertheless annoying, Narcissist allegory?

"It appears that Mother Nature has her balances. As I wrote in 'women who run with the wolves', ... wolves and women have been 'wildlife' managed, and badly. We need to get back to the natural basics and help only if and when help is truly needed, not to try to diminish nor make nature, or the feminine-- serve us as ego continually desires and insists upon.

Have you noticed that matters of the ego too can reproduce out of proportion in one's mind and life and in deleterious ways, when and if there are not enough boundary makers in the psyche that bring those replicating factors to a halt?

We learn from the imbalances 'out there' about the imbalances within... and visa versa. If we pay attention. We can certainly aright our own imbalances that are under our control. Having a balanced psyche goes a long way toward protecting the ecology of the outer world within our reach, the wild world, her rivers, her air, her creatures, too.

Let us keep tending to these matters that are within our reach. Let us keep talking about them, thinking about them, acting to the best of our abilities on them." (excerpt from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes)