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Over Here, Over There Example - Federation Square

By Vincent_Trundle_ACMI on 9 Oct 2013 1:19 minutes

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Example response to Class Activity 1. by Isobel Knowles and Kate Matthews for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image Broadband Enabled Innovation Project.
We experimented with some different things in our response, including:
distance: photographing some things close up and some from far away, to get an overall feel for the environment and also to see some details
taking fewer photos in some places to create jumpier movement – and more photos in other places to create smoother movement
capturing different types of surface, texture and pattern
‘matching’ patterns and shapes in the environment to make connections between them – for instance, finding a series of circles or squares
using camera movement as a motif – for instance, moving the camera around an object in a circle, then around another object in a circle, and so on
occasionally holding the camera still, and taking lots of pictures as things move through the frame. This creates a time-lapse effect.
using people as puppets – do you want to include people in your video?

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