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Yoram Gross: early short films

By ACMI, 2009 1:59 minutes

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Yoram Gross made his first animated short film in 1958 without any external funding. He produced his own sound and developed the film in his bathroom. Despite the non-existent budget, the film was an award-winner and caught the attention of celebrated animator Norman McLaren. Gross has always believed that a film should have something important to say. His second animation, We Shall Never Die, is a film for his mother as well as a memorial to those who died in the Holocaust. The film’s message is that if we love someone, they never die.

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Discussion Points

One of the things that Yoram Gross demonstrated with his first animation, Chansons sans Paroles (1958), is that a good idea and a creative imagination are the most important elements in any production. As you can see from the short excerpts in this clip, Chansons sans Paroles stands out as a distinctive work.

Many established filmmakers have made their mark early in their careers with work created on tight budgets. Many Australian filmmakers have proved to be particularly innovative, showing great ingenuity when making their first films.

  • With the filmmakers’ subsequent success in mind, watch Adam Elliot’s first film, Uncle (1996), or George Miller’s Mad Max (1979).

Yoram Gross’s filmmaking has been influenced by his experiences as a Jewish teenager in Poland during World War II. As a result of these experiences, he considers his role as a filmmaker to include making the world a better place. He believes that his films should have something to say.

  • Choose one of Gross’s films and analyse its message.