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Chris Doyle on film as collaboration

By ACMI, 2010 1:59 minutes

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In his role as cinematographer, Christopher Doyle takes pleasure in sharing the experience of making the film and working collectively. He points out that no single contribution to a film will determine what the final product will be like and that its success depends on responding to moments and images as they arise during filming. A film can be made great by a memorable image that connects deeply with the audience. Doyle uses his physical and emotional closeness to the actors to forge strong links between them and the audience.

Collection Screen Worlds

Discussion Points

Doyle argues that a memorable image can make a great film, and to make his point he singles out the shot of Maggie Cheung going up the stairs in In the Mood for Love.

  • Describe some images from films that you consider particularly memorable.
  • What are some celebrated film moments that have become more widely remembered?
  • What do you think of the idea that a really great moment can transform an entire film?