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Chris Doyle on working with Wong Kar Wai

By ACMI, 2010 1:11 minutes

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When Christopher Doyle works with director Wong Kar Wai, he is asked to engage emotionally with the film’s ideas rather than responding to specific details about a look or a setting.

Collection Screen Worlds

Discussion Points

Wong Kar Wai communicates the effect he wants in a particular scene by asking Doyle to respond to a piece of writing or music.

  • Can you imagine how this might work?
  • Try thinking about this process in reverse by taking a scene from a film that has made an impact on you and finding a piece of music, a photograph or an artwork that shares a similar emotional language.

Doyle’s anecdote about Wong Kar Wai suggests that they have a relationship of great trust, and it is a reminder of how much a director depends on the cinematographer. Because of this, many directors prefer to work with a cinematographer they know.