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Media Art

Media artists use a broad range of media technologies to create and communicate their ideas. In exploring new forms of creative practice, media artists seek to create new ways of looking and thinking.

Media artists often take existing and accessible technologies such as those used at home or at school and explore and imagine new creative possibilities and applications. Experimenta Utopia Now Study Guide, 2010

Because of this emphasis on innovation and experimentation, media art engages the audience in new kinds of relationships – sometimes participatory or immersive and always challenging.

Media artists often come from diverse fields of expertise such as fine art, design, computer and software engineering, sound art, electronic music and science. Experimenta Utopia Now Study Guide, 2010

In exploring alternative forms of artistic practice, much media art actively questions established cultural forms and media.

Tracey Moffatt on Heaven

Heaven is a film made up of video footage of male surfers changing out of their wetsuits in car parks. The footage was shot by Moffatt and a number of other women as if they were making a birdwatching documentary.

Tracey Moffatt on collaboration and imagination

Tracey Moffatt has collaborated with editor Gary Hillberg on a number of projects, including the video collage Doomed, a series of clips of disaster movies recorded from television.