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Ivan Sen on the art of filmmaking

By Sista Girl Productions, 2009 2:20 minutes

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Ivan Sen has early memories of imagining video images while listening to music. He studied photography in Queensland but became frustrated by its limited possibilities for storytelling and moved to filmmaking. However, conventional film production practices do not allow the kind of artistic authorship that appeals to Sen. Dissatisfied with the way that the film world operates, Sen has begun to approach filmmaking as a creative practice similar to painting.

Collection Blak Wave

Discussion Points

Ivan Sen describes his artistic practice as an evolving process driven primarily by a desire to express his ideas in a way that he finds personally satisfying.

Like Sen, artist and filmmaker Tracey Moffatt also describes her filmmaking as a form of ‘painting’.

  • Watch the interview with Tracey Moffatt and compare her belief that she has a duty to explore her imagination with Sen’s search for a more authentic form of artistic expression through film.