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Beck Cole on contemporary Indigenous filmmaking

By Sista Girl Productions, 2009 1:48 minutes

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Beck Cole observes that Indigenous filmmakers contribute a particular freshness and reality to the Australian filmmaking landscape. First Australians, made in a traditional documentary style, is an example of the many good stories, dramas and documentaries that provide a positive insight into Aboriginal life.

Collection Blak Wave


Discussion Points

While the energy that Cole attributes to current Indigenous filmmakers is evidence of a concentration of individual talent, it is also a product of group dynamism.

  • Why might it be more exciting and productive for individual Indigenous filmmakers to think of themselves as a collective?

Cole’s discussion of the energetic contribution of Indigenous filmmakers to Australian culture is intercut with a reference to the colonial European perception of Aboriginal people as a ‘problem’.

  • How does Cole rewrite and affirm the importance and contribution of Aboriginal people in her filmmaking practices?

Cole’s optimism and delight in the development of Indigenous filmmaking is as much about what Indigenous filmmakers can share with non-Indigenous people as it is about issues of Indigenous identity.

  • In what ways do her generosity and inclusiveness shape the films she makes?