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Darlene Johnson on many Aboriginal voices

By Sista Girl Productions, 2009 2:03 minutes

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The diversity and individuality of Indigenous films challenge our stereotypical understandings of Aboriginal people. Johnson perceives these many voices as the beginning of a new generation of Aboriginal filmmakers who are creating a strong Indigenous film culture that will at some point become part of the mainstream film industry.

Collection Blak Wave

Discussion Points

Johnson’s short film River of No Return about Frances Daingangan’s dream of becoming an actress like her heroine Marilyn Monroe is an example of the individuality of
contemporary Aboriginal filmmakers. For more information about this documentary film, go to

  • In what ways does River of No Return break down the stereotypes that Johnson talks about?

River of No Return demonstrates not only Johnson’s point about the many individual Indigenous filmmaking voices but also the variety of registers, styles and stories that she uses in her own filmmaking practice.

  • Think about Johnson’s diverse body of work in relation to her motivation as a filmmaker to contribute to Aboriginal cultural heritage.