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Tracey Moffatt on collaboration and imagination

By ACMI, 2010 1:44 minutes

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Tracey Moffatt has collaborated with editor Gary Hillberg on a number of projects, including the video collage Doomed, a series of clips of disaster movies recorded from television. Moffatt has always been aware of an expectation that she should produce political works that speak from an Indigenous perspective; however, she sees her duty as an artist as exploring the power of her imagination.

Collection Screen Worlds

Discussion Points

When describing Doomed, Moffatt attributes the success of the work to the poor quality of the videotaped material.

  • How do the grainy images and poor sound quality add to the impact of this collage of clips from disaster movies?

Moffatt refers to the pressure on artists who are Indigenous to be ‘Indigenous artists’.

  • Is it fair to expect an artist who is Indigenous to be a representative Indigenous filmmaker and to offer a particular point of view or political message?

Moffatt talks about the power of her imagination and comments that “it would be a sin not to play with it”.

  • With reference to any of Moffatt’s work that you have seen, think about her unique imagination and the way that this informs her art.

View Moffatt’s work at Australian Screen Online or at ACMI Screen Worlds and Mediatheque in Melbourne. Her work is available for purchase from Ronin Films.