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Shaun Tan - The Lost Thing

Set in a city overrun by bureaucracy, Shaun Tan's picture book The Lost Thing tells the story of a boy who befriends a strange creature that doesn't fit any of the available pigeon holes.

Melbourne-based production company Passion Pictures Australia invited Shaun to direct an animated version of The Lost Thing. Several years later, the OscarĀ®-winning short film emerged.

Shaun Tan discusses aspects of his work and the collaboration with Passion Pictures to make the animated version of his book.

Shaun Tan Drawing the Lost Thing

Shaun Tan draws his creation, The Lost Thing, while discussing the creation of the character.

Shaun Tan on Adapting the book to film

Shaun Tan discusses the process of adapting his book The Lost Thing to film.

Shaun Tan on balancing strangeness and familiarity

Shan Tan discusses how it was important to balance strangeness and familiarity when writing 'The Lost Thing'

Shaun Tan on Animating the Lost Thing

Shan Tan discusses how moving his book, The Lost Thing, into an animated medium opened up new narrative possibilities.

Shaun Tan on Creating a story about a gradually accruing idea.

Shaun Tan explains how he starts work on writing a new book.

Shaun Tan on The Magic of Sound

Shaun Tan explains how sound and music add an extra layer to the animated adaptation of his book, The Lost Thing.

Shaun Tan on Sound and Image

Shaun Tan explains the process behind creating storyboards and animatics during the production of the animated short film, The Lost Thing.

Shaun Tan on Texture and digital animation

Shaun Tan explains how hand painted textures were utilised in the animation process of making the short film, The Lost Thing.

Shaun Tan on Character and the Uncanny Valley

Shaun Tan discusses how it was important to make the characters feel real when translating his book, The Lost Thing, to an animated short film.

Shaun Tan on Ambiguous Endings

Shaun Tan on leaving the ending of stories open to interpretation.