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Technology of the Screen

Film is a medium that has invited experimentation from its very beginnings. Georges Méliès began developing and using special effects at the end of the 19th century, while the makers of the pioneering Australian feature The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) tinted the black and white footage of the hotel fire with red food dye. In recent times, advances in digital technology have made the creation of visual effects – including digital animation, motion capture and blue or green screen technology – central to many film and television productions.

Visual special effects technology is used for a number of reasons: it can create environments and settings that would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to film, and it can bring fantasy worlds to life. Visual effects provide enormous potential for the creation of fantasy characters as well as expanding the possibilities for enhancing live action performances.

Animal Logic on technology, design and creativity

In his role as software development manager for Animal Logic, Justen Marshall created the program for animating the twins in The Matrix Reloaded (Wachowski brothers, 2003).

Animal Logic on animating a character

Aidan Sarsfield had the role of character supervisor on Happy Feet (George Miller, 2006) and was responsible for implementing the ‘character pipeline’.