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Storyboard Generator - Help text

To use this interactive tool, you will need:

Chapter 1 - Choose a script
Chapter 2 - Understand your script
Chapter 3 - Build your storyboard
Chapter 4 - Preview, save and share your storyboard


Storyboard Generator is an interactive storyboarding tool. You can create and share animated storyboards from a selection of existing scripts. You can also choose to create your own script and storyboard.

Storyboard Generator consists of two sections: the ‘choose a script’ interactive and the ‘build your own’ interactive.

In the ‘choose a script’ interactive, there are four steps: choose, script, build and preview. You can navigate backwards and forwards between the four steps at any time.

The ‘build your own’ version, there are two steps: build and preview.

In both versions, you can save your progress to your Generator profile.

If you have a Generator profile and have created a previous storyboard, you can load your session by clicking on the ‘Load Previous Session’. This will take you to your Generator profile page where you can click on your previous storyboard to load it.

If you have not already registered with the Generator site, you can register here:

Choosing a Script

Chapter 1 - Choose a Script

There are three different genre scripts to choose from: horror, romance and comedy.

You can preview the script by pressing the ‘preview’ button. The script will open in a pop-up window. To choose a script, click on the script title. The section will highlight. Click the ‘next’ button to move on to the next step.

Chapter 2 - Understand your Script

This step is about reading and understanding your script. Click the icons to see notes explaining the different sections of the script. The explains script layout and formatting conventions. The gives you information about the genre and narrative structure of the script. To close the script notes, click the ‘Close’ button.

You can print the script (with or without notes) or view the script as a PDF (with or without notes) by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Chapter 3 - Build your storyboard

Note: To save your storyboard to your Generator profile, click ‘Save’.

If you have not already registered with the Generator site, you can register here:

You will see the following elements onscreen to help you create your storyboard:

Main window
This is where you can manipulate your storyboard. You can drag and drop elements and move them around. There are a limited number of frames for you to work with based on each script.

Camera Shots
You can choose your camera shot. In the ‘choose a script’ guided interactive, you can search the different camera shots based on the location in the script e.g. In the Park. You can choose to add the shot as a wide shot, mid shot or close up by clicking the options underneath each image.

Camera movement
Camera movements are used to animate your storyboard. There are four camera movements to choose from: pan, zoom, tilt and handheld.

To see what the camera movement will look like, position your mouse over the icon and view the animation.

To add the camera movement to your storyboard, click and drag the icon on to the frame.

Please note: you will not see an animation take place on your actual storyboard until you go to the Preview step.

In the guided interactive, you have two layers to work with: camera shots and camera movement. Layers are used to distinguish background and foreground items. Clicking on a layer number will highlight all items that have been placed in the layer in the related colour. For example, clicking on the green Layer 1 will highlight your camera shots in green.

Viewing framesTo view your frames, click on the ‘View frames’ tab. You can click on a frame to load it into the main window. You can also navigate between frames by positioning your mouse cursor to the left or right of the current frame and clicking to load it into the main window.

Moving items to trashTo move an item to your trash, click on the layer that holds the item you wish to remove. Once you have selected the layer, click on the element you wish to remove and click and drag it into the Trash icon underneath the storyboard on the bottom right hand side. Once an item has been dragged into the Trash, it cannot be recovered so make sure you definitely want it removed before you drag it into the Trash.

Chapter 4 - Preview, save and share your storyboard

Once you have finished making all your changes, you can preview your animated storyboard. You can print your storyboard, download it as a PDF, share it with your friends or save it to your profile.

Save to your profile
To save your storyboard to your profile, click the ‘Share to your profile’ button. This allows you to access your storyboard via your Generator website profile Simply go to your Generator profile page and click on your storyboard under ‘My Storyboards’.

Sharing your storyboard
To share your storyboard, click the ‘Share your storyboard with friends’ button. A dialog window will display. In the window, you will see two items: a link and an embed code.

When you give the link to your friend and they click it, they will be taken to a screen where they can view your storyboard and download the script as a PDF.

The embed code is a section of HTML text which can be inserted into your blog, MySpace page or any other website. It will insert your storyboard video and a link to download a PDF of the script.

Once done, you can save and share your storyboard video with friends. Remember to register with Generator first if you would like to save your storyboard.

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