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Generator is a creative studio space for teachers and students to explore exemplary work by their peers and industry professionals. Comment, tag, and share creative work and education resources.

Download and upload work to the extensive Free Media Library. Submit your final creations to be showcased in the Video Gallery.

Browse videos by Education Themes

This section showcases a diversity of screen content from ACMI programs, students, teachers and members of the public, and resources categorised through targeted education themes and aligned with curriculum requirements.

Learn from the Makers

This section showcases ideas and perspectives from Australia’s internationally recognised screen talent. Access targeted clips of industry professionals discussing aspects of their craft. The section includes discussion points to stimulate debate in the classroom and links to further resources.

Production Resources

Extensive education resources to enable a richer understanding of the production process and to foster students’ own creative engagement by providing screen and print material to empower their own practice.

A key aspect is the Storyboard Generator, an interactive tool designed to teach students the concepts of storyboarding and allow them to build their own using resources from the Free Media Library.

Video Gallery

Browse, search and sort an extensive video gallery of moving image works by students, industry professionals, and members of the public.

Free Media Library

We understand that one of the greatest challenges for schools and the wider public is access to material that they can use and adapt in their own productions. The Free Media Library provides an extensive resource to fill this gap.

We encourage you and your students to upload your own creative work. Help us to build this resource for the Generator community.

Follow up with the Educators Lounge

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Enjoy a collaborative space where teachers can explore the theory and practice of digital technologies and the ways  in which they intersect with existing and emergent classroom practice.